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Im sorry but I'm done. I am no longer going to add to this site or even use it anymore. I'm so sorry for making a story and leaving it unfinished. ButI don't have the time or motivation to keep doing this. It's not that I don't like mlp it's that I'm just bored I guess. I have a short attention span for stuff like dandies. It's a passing trend. But just so I don't leave empty handed and the comic unfinished here's how it goes. Rarity gets drunk off her mind. Fancy pants takes her to her room. She makes a move towards him Cuz she's drunless but he tries to stop her. Discord makes an appearance. He was in canterlot for a visit. He caused them to makes out and do it thinking he's helping. They get a scared the next morning surprised at what they did. They swear to not speak of it. Go separate ways. Rarity realised she's pregnant. Keeps it a secret. Spike finds out. Upset but is there for her. Takes her to fancy. Fancy is surprised but suggests marriage for the foals sake. Spike is sadden but tells rarity that he will be there for her no matter what happens. The day of the wedding. Fp. Waits at the alter.Spike cries in the library. Rarity is in her hotel room in her white dress. Stares at her mirror saying is this what I want. She takes a breath and leaves her room. Fp gets a note at the alter. Rarity shows up at library and says Spike you've been what I've been searching for my whole life I just couldn't admit it to myself. I don't want what others think is right. I want what I feel is right. Spike and Rarity kiss and then ge married after she had her foal. Fp is just fine with her decision and helps out with his son and visits. Spike and Rare live happily and have two beautiful kids together. OK there. That's the jist of it. So I hope you read this . IT's the last you'll here of me. Take care. Thanks for the support.
Hello my fellow deviants. I have a couple of things I wanted to share with you all today.

1. I was originally going to upload a new comic page tomorrow but I'm so busy working on finals (character boards, sculptures, backgrounds and 3d modeling) that I don't have time for the comic. Good news is that that I have 2 pages sketched up, which will be uploaded at the same time, hopefully by next week.

2. Also I've been trying to come up with an official name for the sparity comic, but have come up short or way too cheesy. So I would gladly appreciate name ideas. Comment below on your ideas. I'll even throw a thank you gift for the chosen name.

3.I'm almost to the point where background ponies would be needed. (finally!) so instead of comic up with my own oc's, I'll be using background ponies from the show and ..... your guy's OC. if you want that is. And if you want just comment and link back to your oc.

4. I am in need of cash so I will be holding auctions on some adoptables. They will be on griffins, hippogryphs, dragons and kirin. Details will be on the pics that will be posted around next week or the week after.

well thats all folks have a great day
1. For each of the 20 first people answering this journal, I will put their avatar and the three deviations I like most from their gallery on the list
2. If you answer, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger on the first place. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone

1 :iconkumkrum:
PCM: Cute moment by Kumkrum

2 :iconcatyclept:

3 :iconronmart12:
nice brandy colored by ronmart12
Twilight Sparkle colored by ronmart12
Aurora Swimwear colored by ronmart12

4 :iconnepetalejion713:
Adopt! by NepetaLejion713

Mature Content

My oc hornbutt by NepetaLejion713

Katy Kat by NepetaLejion713

Art Homework! by Pinkie-Pie1999
Sassaflash Pic 1 by Pinkie-Pie1999
Art Trade With Mohxi by Pinkie-Pie1999

6 :iconsweetjanet1:
apple bloom by sweetjanet1
my rd vector by sweetjanet1
rainbow lama by sweetjanet1

7 :iconfirefanatic:
Princess Cadence Rough-ish sketch by firefanatic
Luna's nightcourt by firefanatic
Twilight the consultant by firefanatic

Apple Pie XD by Drawing-Stars-02

(C) Night Thief (LunaCord) by Drawing-Stars-02


*gifted* Sparity, a dragons transformation pic by grimreeper2121
Icarus's cutiemark by grimreeper2121
my stuff from the con. by grimreeper2121

11 :iconviewer-thinker:
Meld Mind at Work by Viewer-Thinker

12 :iconfelgrandknight:
vNew avatar by Felgrandknight
DNG: Gretchen and Arcademon by Felgrandknight
Photoshop me by Felgrandknight
Well Spike is set on becoming a pony for the love of Rarity.  But who should turn him into a pony. Will twilight have a change of heart?  Or will he have to turn to our favorite zebra.  How about Trixie? Or maybe he should find a magic solution himself?  Let me know what you think and who ever gets the most votes will be the one to grant spikes wish.

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Dang that is sad to hear.  I rather they closed there page down instead.  It would have been nicer to never have seen the comic then to start reading it and get no real conclution.  It's nice they put a quick finish in there ID, but it's not really the same.

Oh well, if they ever peek back in.  Best of luck to you artist.  I did enjoy what you shared with us.
Kenneth9010 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2014
That is a very touching ending of your comic, Chio.
TheFurryBallFoxy Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Goodbye, Chio...
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